• Kristal


    You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink

  • Aníbal Rossi

    Aníbal Rossi

    Docente e investigador Multiversitario. El análisis y rediseño de interfaces educativas es, hoy, mi horizonte de trabajo.

  • David Sigal

    David Sigal

    I'm passionate about technology and making our world better.

  • freegnu


    Free, GNU, and other stuff too

  • alex deve

    alex deve

    Entrepreneur & husband. CEO & Founder @ Whitetruffle, the eHarmony for talent. Easier to recruit & find a job. Love start-ups, technology, sports & food.

  • J-Philippe CUNNIET

    J-Philippe CUNNIET

    Formateur Big Data, Marketing prédictif, Curieux www.linkedin.com/in/jcunniet

  • David Bernal Manero

    David Bernal Manero

    Team Leader and Project Director. SharePoint lover and hater since 2001, always looking for new solutions and applying them to get business value.

  • Searchemist


    #ppc #search #seo #digitalmarketing #contentmarketing #sportmarketing #ecommerce #mobile #sailing #motorsports

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