Progressives are Extremists. True Liberals Need to Stop Them.

Gabe Zichermann
5 min readNov 17, 2023
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This is a message to true liberals (Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike).

The failure of the progressive movement after the Hamas terror attacks of October 7th now renders the entire enterprise moot. If the idea was to advocate for progress, justice and equality, but to exclude Jews from this calculus, it is inherently illegitimate. What has been made clear is that it is not a coalition of noble idealists trying to make the world a better place, but a deeply anti-intellectual hodgepodge of marxists captured by amateurish anti-colonial and racial justice thinking.

In short, it’s a hot mess and needs to die in its current form. If the number of essays on the value of true liberalism written this past week is any clue (1,2), I’m not alone.

Let’s be honest though, we knew this was coming. Every one of us has been getting progressively more uncomfortable with the thought dogma of the left over the last decade. Liberals were supposed to champion free speech and to be able to use humor, intellect and facts to make the world a better place. Slowly we’ve seen these ideas pushed back by extreme leftists co-opting our values:

White is now an epithet. Terrorism can sometimes be justified. Misgendering is a punishable offense. No, I won’t explain why you’re wrong. Colonialism ruined everything. Capitalism is oppression. Russia was provoked. Everyone’s opinions are equally valid. I’m offended. Tik Tok is the best for news. Osama bin Laden made some valid points.

Up is down. Down is up. And 1984 seems to be encroaching on us from both sides.

Sure, you can still make the argument that the left is more intellectually rigorous than the right. But if what you’ve seen since October 7th doesn’t scare you, I’m not sure you’re paying attention. Many of the dogmas they’ve decided to embrace wholeheartedly are deeply deeply misguided. And make no mistake, their veneer of intelligence makes them more dangerous than “Jews will not replace us” and the Proud Boys. This is the new eugenics crowd, except this time the scientific veneer is itself anti-progress.

We all know that progressive politicians have let us down, big time. We’re not delusional about the problems of homelessness…



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